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Freshwater Mussel-Related Links

Minnesota projects and resources

Chippewa National Forest — Aquatic Resources (Including freshwater mussels)
Illinois Natural History Survey — Mollusk Collection Database (Over 50 Minnesota bivalve records)
Florida Museum of Natural History — Malacology Database
Macalester College — Daniel Hornbach's Laboratory — Freshwater Mussel Research
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — Freshwater Mussel Research Projects
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — State-listed mollusks
North Dakota, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, Aquatic Mollusks of North Dakota (Includes maps of Minnesota-North Dakota boundary waters)
St. Olaf College — Mike Swift's Laboratory — Freshwater Mussel Research
University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology — Mollusk Division
University of Minnesota, Duluth Campus — Sea Grant — Zebra Mussel Overview
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus — Mark Hove's Freshwater Bivalve Research
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus — Jim Perry & Water Resources Program
UpperMidwest Environmental Sciences Center, LaCrosse, WI — facts about zebra mussels

United States

American Malacological Society, Inc. (Professional society dedicated to the study and conservation of mollusks)
Illinois Natural History Survey Mollusk Collection (Several useful resources)
National Park Service (Describes NPS mussel management needs and mussel biology)
Sea Grant — research paper database on exotic species (including zebra mussel)
States' listed freshwater mussels
Unio Gallery (Interesting pictures of mussels)
University of Michigan, Mollusk Division

Freshwater snail-related web sites

Rob Dillon, Freshwater Gastropods of North America project, Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia — (Gopher indexes to type & malacological collections, many Minnesota records)