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About the University of Minnesota Herbarium

The University of Minnesota Herbarium, a division of the Bell Museum of Natural History, is located in the Biological Sciences tower on the St. Paul campus, corner of Gortner and Buford Aves, room 875. Hours are from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday during the regular school year and by appointment only in the summer.

The distribution of specimens (approximately 900,000 total) is worldwide, though the majority are from the northern hemisphere.
Vascular plants approximately 600,000
Bryophytes approximately 50,000
Algae approximately 13,000
Lichens approximately 140,000
Fungi approximately 90,000

For more information:
Dr. Anita Cholewa, Curator of the Herbarium and Collections Manager, (612) 625-0215;
Dr. George Weiblen, Curator of Plants, (612) 624-3461;
Dr. David J. McLaughlin, Curator of Fungi, (612) 625-5736,