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Amphibians and Reptiles


About the Collection

The amphibian and reptile collection contains approximately 15,000 specimens. These collections focus on the upper Midwest and represent one of the best collections of herpetological material for this region. Among the material is an extensive series of leopard frogs collected by David Merrell in the 1960's. This collection is noteworthy due to the large number of specimens in each lot. Merrell's frogs continue to be examined by researchers interested in the history of frog malformations in the upper Midwest. The amphibian and reptile collection also contains significant collections from Mexico as well as smaller collections from south Pacific islands and southwestern United States. For its size, the collection is remarkably diverse, representing 40 families, 152 genera, and 360 species.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Malformed Frog Collection

Tissue Collection
Tissues of several species of Minnesota amphibians and reptiles are available for research purposes. Tissues are stored at -70°C or in 95% ethanol.

Mailing Address:  Bell-R-C-Sci-AmpRep-turtle

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