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Video Collection

The Bell Museum has a rich history of producing short videos and full-length films to highlight researchers, history, scientific concepts, museum programs and exhibits, and of course—the wonder of our natural world. Watch videos on this page, and enjoy the complete collection and topical playlists on YouTube.

Featured Recent Videos:

The Practice of Science (2012) was produced for use in the Bell Museum's flagship K-12 Honey Bee, Pollinators and Our Food educational program.


Birds & DNA: A Conversation with Researcher Bob Zink (2013) was produced for use in the Bell Museum's exhibit Birds & DNA: Biodiversity and Mountain Islands.



From Our Archives:

Minnesota: A History of the Land trailer:

Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story

Minnesota: A History of the Land

Minnesota Minutes
- A Sesquicentennial Celebration of Environmental Heroes (2008)
Bell LIVE (1990s)

W.J. Breckenridge Nature Films



Bell Museum Productions

Bell Museum Productions is an outreach program of the Bell Museum of Natural History that uses the power of storytelling and cutting-edge digital techniques to promote a broader and deeper understanding of the connections between people and the natural world across a wide audience.

Recent Emmy award-winning documentaries, Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story and Minnesota: A History of the Land continue a long tradition of innovation and leadership in the use of film and video to further the understanding of wildlife, natural history and environmental topics.

Film production began at the Bell in the early 1900s with the Bell Museum's first Director, T.S. Roberts, who was a pioneer in using film to capture wildlife behavior. In the late 1920s, the Bell's second Director, Walter Breckenridge, continued T.S. Roberts' work in nature-movie making. Beginning in the 1990s, the Bell LIVE distance learning program offered cutting edge science to the classroom through video and satellite transmission.

Looking for footage? Send us your shot request!

The Bell Museum has over 400 hours of HD and DVCpro50 high quality footage of Minnesota's nature—including aerial footage of Minnesota's diverse natural landscapes—that is available for licensing.
Contact: (612) 624-4986 or email



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