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How can I be involved in the future of the Bell Museum of Natural History?

Become a Bell Museum Member

Members play a critical role in helping the Bell Museum thrive, and they enjoy numerous member benefits that extend to a broad network of affiliated museums.

Sign Up to Stay Connected

The Bell Museum strives to keep stakeholders informed about upcoming events, new information, and fascinating finds including natural history research and astronomy news.

Share your Bell Museum Story

Do you have a special memory from a visit to the Bell? Perhaps you once worked at the Bell as one of our student interpretive staff members. Whatever your story or experience, we want to hear from you. Sharing your story helps steer programming, and it strengthens museum advocacy efforts. Email




Advisory Board

Read a welcome greeting from the Chair and updates from the Board.

Board Members

Here are the community members who have stepped forward to guide the museum.


Read the 1872 legislation that created our museum and mission.  If you are curious about our dioramas--their history, why they are so useful and important, and their role in the new museum--read our FAQs about the Bell Museum dioramas.

Board Vision 

Learn more about the proposed new museum facility.