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Frequently Asked Questions about the Bell Museum and Planetarium Building Project

Didn’t you already do this—seems like we’ve been hearing about this for years?

Planning for a new Bell Museum facility began in 1995 and our first bonding request was in Spring 2008.  Delays have been beyond our control. The limitations of our current building are not going away, and community needs for our programs are increasing.

What will happen to the current building?

It is hard to consider leaving this building, which has been our home since 1940. The University intends to renovate the building for the Goldstein Museum of Design and associated College of Design faculty and students—a process that will preserve the building’s historic character.

Why move to the Saint Paul campus?

The additional space at the new site would allow us to add a 120-seat digital planetarium and network with planetaria around the state of Minnesota and neighboring states. [View map]  We also would integrate outdoor educational experiences into our programs.  We will be able to provide a greater variety of science and arts programs for visiting school children, families and young adults.  Also, a new facility would offer greatly improved access to people with disabilities and better access to parking.

What will happen to the dioramas?

Eleven of the best Jaques dioramas will be moved to the new building.  We are still determining what to do with the remaining dioramas, but our goal is to preserve them for the enjoyment of future generations.

What will happen to the Moose and Wolves sculptures?

Our iconic outdoor bronze tableau of a Moose fighting off three wolves will be moved and installed on the new site.

Where can I learn more about the project?

Right here online! The Advisory Board section of our website is where have been posting information about the project, and where we will continue to do so!

How can I help?

Contact your legislator as soon as possible to explain why you love the Bell Museum and Planetarium, and ask for their support of the state funding.  Also, sign up for our email listserve to keep up to date with the project.

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