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Board Vision

A Vision for the Bell Museum

A collection of guiding goals, to help steer both long and short-term decision making, was created by the advisory board and museum faculty and staff. This practical vision for the Bell Museum of Natural History, Minnesota's official museum of natural history, was adopted July 2012. 

• Educate and connect people to our natural world and universe

• Provide a world class facility for learning

• Improve facility access, and expand and diversify the museum’s audience

• Diversify revenue sources by increasing earned revenue and strengthening fundraising

• Combine the use of technology with excellent educators to create dynamic experiences

• Engage diverse audiences with innovative programing

• Develop new partnerships and expand our horizons through collaboration

• Create enhanced diorama experiences


Advisory Board

Read a welcome greeting from the Chair and updates from the Board.

Board Members

Here are the community members who have stepped forward to guide the museum.


Read the 1872 legislation that created our museum and mission. If you are curious about our dioramas--their history, why they are so useful and important, and their role in the new museum--read our FAQs about the Bell Museum dioramas.

Be Involved

This public museum needs your involvement and creativity.