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Through lively tours, classroom offerings, professional development and educational tools developed by University faculty and museum curators, the Bell helps teachers to inspire student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines. The museum's programs are designed for students of all ages and teachers of all levels, and are consistent with national and state science education standards.

Bus and cost reduction scholarships for Bell Museum visits are also available. Interested in visiting the Bell Museum with your class or school group, but have concerns about cost? We can help. Call (612) 626-9660 to learn more or download a scholarship application.

Experiences at the Bell


Visit the Bell Museum and take a journey in these participatory explorations of the habitat dioramas, Touch and See Discovery Room and special exhibits.

Science Labs

Take advantage of the active learning environments at the Bell Museum through the use of authentic objects, specimens and live animals.

ExploraDome Theater
This immersive learning environment inspires minds and helps students visualize important astronomical and scientific concepts.

Touch and See Discovery Room

Browse both temporary and permanent exhibits that shed light on subjects of all kinds.


Bring the Bell to YOU

Classroom Programs

Bring the Bell to you! Classroom and Residency Programs bring the experience of the Bell Museum and University of Minnesota research to the students' own classroom setting.

ExploraDome Outreach

Take students from the edge of the Earth to the outer limits of the Universe in an immersive learning environment that inspires minds using the latest in display technology. Select a planetarium show to fit your needs, age level and interest.

Educational Resources

Teacher Resources

The Bell Museum has a long and successful history of partnering with teachers to provide top-notch science education to students through workshops, specimen loans, curriculum and more.

Online Activities

Promote online learning and interaction through these science-related online activities.