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Bell Museum workshops equip teachers with effective pedagogical approaches to learn and teach science in the classroom. The curriculum combines hands-on inquiry-based methods, best practices and multidisciplinary lesson plans taught by University scientists, graduate students and museum educators.

Immersive Earth: NASA Middle School Earth Science Lessons

Saturday, March 1, 2014; 9 a.m. - Noon
The Bell Museum partnered with NASA and educators from around the country to develop Earth's Energy Budget and Earth's Shifting Climate, storytelling kits about Earth's climate systems. We will introduce the activities from the kits and demonstrate the participatory planetarium program. Educators will receive materials which include the week-long unit of activities to go with the interactive planetarium program—all designed to meet state and national academic standards.
Cost: $15, earn .3 CEUs  Grades: 5-8
To register for upcoming workshops, fill out a registration form or call (612) 626-9660. 


Minnesota: A History of the Land

Cost: $39.95
See details at
The widely acclaimed documentary, Minnesota: A History of the Land, is a five-part, Emmy Award-winning TV series that brings to life the epic story of the people and landscapes of Minnesota, from the retreat of the last ice sheets to the growth of today's suburbs. A customized curriculum is available for middle school science, history or social studies teachers.

For more information, call  (612) 626-9660 or e-mail

Specimen Loans

Rental period: Borrow up to eight items for seven consecutive days or one item for three weeks.
Cost: $40

Bring your classrooms to life with authentic museum artifacts and specimens from the Bell Museum's educational collections. Included are materials from many Minnesota animals, including deer, beaver, raccoon, and others. Specimens include bird study skins, mammal study skins, animal bones and skulls, fossils, rocks, shells, antlers and horns. Materials are appropriate for all grades and ages. Borrow up to eight items for seven consecutive days or one item for three weeks.

For rental details, call Jennifer Menken at (612) 626-7133 or e-mail

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