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Science Labs

Students will use inquiry, observation and critical thinking skills as they step into the role of scientist. These labs focus on a hands-on approach using authentic objects, specimens and live animals. Science labs can be added to any museum tour!

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Science Lab Programs

Group Size: Science lab only - maximum 35 students; Science lab plus tour - maximum 70 students. One adult required (admitted free) for every 10 students, additional adults $5 each.
Cost: $5.50 per student, $3 per student when combined with a tour.
Length: 1 hour

Reptiles and Amphibians Grades: K-3

Observe live reptiles and amphibians to discover how these animals are different from each other and the extraordinary adaptations they possess, allowing them to live in different environments on land and water.

Incredible Invertebrates Grades: K-3

Observe examples of the largest class of organisms on the planet to distinguish their unique characteristics, life cycles, habitats and diversity.

Animal Adaptations Grades: 2-6

Explore the changes in structure, function and behavior of animals that aid in their survival.

Mammals Among Us Grades: 2-6

Identify the distinct characteristics mammals possess through skeletal evidence, and analyze body structures to learn how they adapt to live in more habitats than any other animal in the world.

Nature's Engineers Grades: 4-8

Explore examples of engineering found in nature, the ways human use these examples in engineering today, and learn about the engineering process by designing and testing your own invention.

Hot Topics 

Honey Bees (April through October only) Grades: K-8

Research the critical role honey bees play in our ecosystem as pollinators, and their complex social structure.
For an additional $.50 per student, each can take home a small jar of honey- while supplies last!

Pollination and Our Food Grades: 2-8

Understand the importance of pollination for human food production by investigating the diversity of animal pollinators and dissecting a flower to observe and illustrate its structure and the process of pollination.

Special Tour + Science Lab 

Eyes on the Universe Exploration Lab

Cost: $6.50 per student   Length: 1 hour   Grades: 3-12   Group Size: maximum 30-35 students
Take part in one half-hour of inquiry activities and one half-hour of both guided and self-led exploration in the Eyes of the Universe exhibit.
Available Oct. 4, 2014 - May 3, 2015

See a Science Lab that piques your interest, or would be a great fit with your curriculum? We'll bring it to you!

Our thought-provoking labs can be easily brought to your classroom by our team of educators. Browse the list of labs above- all make great classroom program options.

Group Size: Maximum 30 students per session.
Cost and Length: 3 or more one-hour sessions are $140 each, 1-2 one-hour sessions are $160 each. Transportation fees may apply.

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