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ExploraDome For Schools


What is the ExploraDome?

It is an immersive planetarium environment that inspires minds using the latest in display technology to make dynamic Earth and space data come to life. Through guided inquiry, students embark on a virtual voyage from the surface of the Earth to the edge of the known universe, all led by our expert staff. 

ExploraDome Theater Programs—at the Bell

ExploraDome Adventure

Cost: $6.50 per student     Length: 1 hour     Grades: PreK-12
Spend a half-hour immersed in an ExploraDome program from the options below, and one half-hour of hands-on activities.
Maximum group size of 35 students. Ratio of one adult (admitted free) required for every 10 students, additional adults $5 each.
Options: Changes in the Sky, grades PreK-2; The Solar System, grades 3-8; Zoom! From Earth to the Edge of the Universe, grades 3-12.

ExploraDome Adventure Plus

Cost: $7.25 per student     Length: 1.5 hours     Grades: PreK-12
Combines the ExploraDome Adventure with a half-hour in the Eyes of the Universe exhibit. Available Sept. 28, 2014 - May 3, 2015 

One-Hour Immersive Experience

Cost: $82.50     Length: 1 hour     Grades: 3-12
Stay immersed in the ExploraDome Theater experience for an extended length of time. Participate in a 45-minute program followed by an additional 15 minutes for further Q&A with our planetarium educator. Maximum group size is 15, one adult required.

To make a reservation or for more information please call (612) 626-9660 or email


ExploraDome Outreach: The Dome Goes On the Road!ExploraDome-At-School


Let the Bell Museum bring the wonders of the Universe right to your school and community events with our ExploraDome Outreach traveling dome. Offering planetarium shows for a variety of ages and interests, the ExploraDome uses Uniview software that takes authentic astronomical data and creates an immersive experience like nothing you've seen before! A voyage in the ExploraDome inspires minds and leaves lasting impressions on visitors.


Schedule a Visit from the ExploraDome

Ready to sign up? Here is the process:

  1. Please read our FAQ before proceeding to the next steps
  2. Ensure your facility can meet the visit requirements needed to house the dome.
  3. Learn about our programs or let us create a custom lesson to meet your needs. The dome can hold 30-35 students in each session. Six or more sessions can be accommodated during one day.
  4. Learn about the program costs for schools, non-profit, for-profit groups.
  5. Search our calendar for available dates. Reservations must be made at least two weeks before the visit. (The calendar will open in a new browser window so you can return to this screen after closing the calendar window.)
  6. Email us at or call (612) 626-9660 with the following information: 
    • School/organization
    • Choice of dates
    • Contact information
  7. Once final program details are finalized, we'll send you a visit agreement for signature.
  8. Download materials to prepare your students for the visit.
  9. Get ready to explore the universe as you never have before.

Public ExploraDome Theater Shows at the Bell Museum

2013 Best Planetarium, CityPages

2010 Tekne Award Recipient



Additional Info of Interest

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