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Saturday with a Scientist

One Saturday a month, engage in authentic science and inquiry learning…and have a lot of fun while doing so! Saturday with a Scientist is designed especially for children and families, and provides a unique opportunity to explore the Bell and participate in activities inspired and led by real University of Minnesota scientists and students.


Surviving Extremes: Parched Plants and Frozen Frogs

Saturday, November 1, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Join biologists Amanda Gorton and Marta Lyons in an exploration of adaptations to extreme environments. Learn about the interesting and surprisingly similar innovations plants, frogs, and salamanders use to survive in hot weather, cold conditions and arid deserts.    

Look at plant specimens and match them up with their environments or get an in-depth view by looking at them under dissecting scopes. We’ll be joined by salamanders that are from the tops of mountains, rainforests, close to the water and spade frogs which are found in the dry dessert. With winter drawing near we’ll watch how frozen wood frogs thaw and find out why and how they freeze, while others don’t.