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Saturday with a Scientist

Engage in authentic science and inquiry learning…and have a lot of fun while doing so! Saturday with a Scientist is designed especially for children and families, and provides a unique opportunity to explore the Bell and participate in activities inspired and led by real University of Minnesota researchers.



May 9, 11 am - 2 pm

Join biologists Danielle Drabeck, Megan Kobiela, and Carl Stenoien (Ph.D. students in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior) to discover the exciting world of toxic plants and animals. Discover different types of toxins, how they work, and how some things are resistant to them. Learn about the different animals and plants that have toxins, which ones are deadly and which ones we use in medicine! 

Find answers to these questions and make your own pollinator seed bomb, which will provide crucial habitat for some of our favorite toxic and venomous insects, such as pollinating bees and monarch butterflies!

Photo by Alain (Creative Commons/Flickr)  


Medical Technology & The Human Body

May 16, 11am - 2 pm

Do you know how you breathe... and are you thinking about it right now? What does electricity have to do with the human body? Answer these questions and more with the Bell Museum, the University of Minnesota’s Medical Device Center, and the Bakken Museum!

Explore some Shocking News About Your Heart (a show by the Bakken Museum) after you’ve taken a trip through a 3D heart, brain, and body in the ExploraDome theater. Also, test your surgical skills on a life sized game of Operation and design your own medical device to solve a health problem.