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Saturday with a Scientist

One Saturday a month, engage in authentic science and inquiry learning…and have a lot of fun while doing so! Saturday with a Scientist is designed especially for children and families, and provides a unique opportunity to explore the Bell and participate in activities inspired and led by real University of Minnesota scientists and students.


Life Under the Canopy & Fantastic Figs!

Saturday, September 13, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., free with museum admission

Ever wonder what it is like being suspended 100 feet up in the rainforest canopy?  What kind of tools you would need? What are you looking for? What kind of wildlife you might encounter?

Get the answers at September's Saturday with a Scientist when we dive under the canopy and discover the fantastic world of figs! We will kick off the academic year of programming with a day devoted to exploring the tropical rainforest exhibit inside the museum. Curator of plants and professor of Plant Biology, George Weiblen, (aka, George of the Jungle) will share what he's learned from the two decades he has spent cataloging the diversity of life on the island of New Guinea. Assisting him is Bega Inaho, who came all the way from New Guinea and is studying Conservation Biology here at the University of MN.

Get to know George: