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Special Events

Special Event: Book Signing & Reading

The Three Minute Outdoorsman Book Launch

Thursday, May 1, 7 p.m., West Gallery
with Robert Zink, author, outdoorsman, curator of Birds and Breckenridge Chair in Ornithology
Join author and ornithologist Bob Zink as he reads from his new book, The Three Minute Outdoorsman. The book provides curious facts and fascinating insights into nature. A writer who humorously bridges the gap between esoteric information and nature as we have come to know it, Zink distills the latest news from the world of science into three-minute bursts of irresistible lore for the layman. In these brief, engaging essays readers will discover, for instance, how deer use the earth’s magnetic field for orientation; a long-gone tradition of hunting loons in North Carolina; how porcupine quills are advancing new ideas about delivering inoculations; and why deer antlers can model bone regeneration for amputees.

Stop by earlier at 5:30 p.m. as Zink leads our Gallery Conversation, "Did Audubon Get it Wrong?"