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Special Exhibits


Eyes_NowOpen_Header_largeEyes on the Universe

West gallery

How do we study the far away places that we can't touch, taste or smell, but can see with the aid of technology? Explore how we study the universe as we learn about researchers who are turning their eyes to the Moon, Andromeda galaxy and beyond! Then, turn your eyes back to Earth through satellite imagery in the kid friendly hands-on exploration component, A View from Space.


Impact: Birds in the human-built worldImpact: Birds in the Human-Built World

Jaques gallery

Birds don’t understand glass the same way we do. They fly towards habitat or sky reflected in or seen through windows, often with fatal consequences. Artist Miranda Brandon offers a visual voice to generate new awareness and knowledge of the presence of birds in our everyday lives, expanding our capacity to understand the issues faced by birds moving through built spaces.


 Birds_DNA_exhibitpage_graphicBirds & DNA: Biodiversity and Mountain Islands

Lobby gallery

The forests of the Caucasus Mountains are being cut and their forest birds are at risk. These forest birds look similar to the birds found in Europe, but are they really the same? If the Caucasus birds are unique species, what conservation efforts will be needed to protect them? Visit the Bell Museum to discover the secrets of hidden biodiversity.


Permanent Exhibits

Diorama-WolvesDiorama Halls

Ongoing, Part of the Bell Museum Permanent Exhibition Collection

The renowned Diorama Halls of the Bell Museum have been educating visitors for decades. From caribou to bald eagles and badgers to wolves—get a "slice of life" view of these incredible animals in their natural habitat settings. Many of our large dioramas depict actual locations in Minnesota.

Many dioramas are set against the work of well-known artist Francis Lee Jaques, a painter and illustrator best known for the distinctive style of his dioramas at the Bell Museum and American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Take a virtual look at the Dioramas

PE-Touch-And-SeeTouch and See Discovery Room

Ongoing, Part of the Bell Museum Permanent Exhibition Collection

Visit the Touch and See Discovery Room—a place where you can find the answers to your questions about the natural world. Investigate wondrous objects, from a 10,000-year-old wooly mammoth tusk to a life-sized Kodiak bear, from an elephant skull to a living, moving snake.

Since its creation in 1968, the Touch and See Discovery room has been a favorite part of the Bell Museum for visitors of all ages.

Visit the exhibit page for the Touch and See Discovery Room

PE-RainforestUnder the Fig Leaf: Rainforest Research

Ongoing, Part of the Bell Museum Permanent Exhibition Collection

Explore the rainforest and learn about rainforest-related research being done by Bell scientists! Aerial walkways provide views from above the canopy in addition to ground-level observation offering an "in the forest" eye's view.  Learn more...