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The Lion's Mane


The Lion's Mane: Science in the Serengeti

opens Saturday, June 21

free with museum admission, West Gallery

After touring around the United States, the Bell Museum's original exhibit, The Lion's Mane: Science in the Serengeti is back, and on display through the summer.
Why does the lion have a mane? Does the King of Beasts need his mane for protection or is it a signal of his power and fitness? University of Minnesota researchers Craig Packer and Peyton West were the first to test these two theories—and their research reveals surprising facts about the mane’s true purpose and its role in attracting a mate. The Lion’s Mane engages visitors in the steps Packer and West used as they searched for the answer to what at first appeared to be a simple question.

Watch a video about the exhibit, during its run at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.