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Sheltering Nature


While nature shelters us, we need to shelter nature as well.

Sheltering Nature explores the inherent beauty and biodiversity of the works of each Project Art for Nature artist's chosen location, and the location's need for protection. The goal is to call individuals and communities to action. Twenty one artists are participating in Sheltering Nature, which is offered in two exhibitions in the Bell Museum's Jaques Gallery:

Part I June 1 through July 12, 2014
Opening Reception: Sunday June 1, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Part II July 20 through August 31, 2014
Opening Reception: Sunday July 27, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Project Art for Nature (PAN) is a collaboration of artists and illustrators from Minnesota and Wisconsin working independently and collaboratively to created artwork which promotes stewardship of threatened natural areas in our region. Each participating artist focuses his/her work on an individually chosen area of land in need of protection. A portion of all sales from Project Art for Nature shows are donated to an organization working to protect natural areas.



Participating Artists

Carla Benjamin
Richard Bonk
Mary Coughlan
Marj Davis
Michael Eble
Denise Friesen
Ann Popadiuk Larson
Suzanne Lewis
Dodie Logue
Rachel MaKarrall
Tom McGregor
Tammi Joy Parsons
John Pastor
Bonnie Ploger
Teri Power
Robyn Beth Priestly
David Spohn
Cynthia Starkweather Nelson
Noreen Tyler
Diane Wesman
Vera Ming Wong