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Natural Curiosity


Open through September 16, 2012

We’ve combed through the Bell Museum’s more than 4 million specimens to find the most interesting and unusual creatures found on Earth.

Satisfy your family’s natural curiosity by viewing things like a 400-pound clam or killer pine cones. In this summer-time show, there is a chance to learn about a different specimens’ story, see the oddities and giants of the natural world, observe vintage models and play a guessing game. It is a great time to learn about unexpected critters in our world!

The exhibit areas include:

  • A Story to Tell Focusing on select specimens that maybe be common, but with fascinating stories to tell!
  • The Side Show Browse the oddities and giants of our natural world! Check out a mummified pigeon, killer pine cones and more!
  • What Is It? Read the clues and see if you can determine the specimen!
  • Old School Science - and how we teach it - is ever-changing. Take a look at vintage teaching models including old dinosaur dioramas and articulated skeletons!

Did you know?


The Bell Museum has over four million specimens in eight research collections that serve as the repository for the state's biological heritage? Pictured above is Curator of Birds Bob Zink, with some of the specimens from the collections.

You can see many specimens in Natural Curiosity, and also all around the Bell where they are used to educate and inspire visitors of all ages!