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ExploraDome Outreach: These programs in our traveling dome can be brought to your school or location of choice.

Live, Interactive Programs

Choose one or more of the ExploraDome programs listed below. You may schedule multiple grades and a variety of programs on the same day.
Cost: $200 per hour, minimum 3 hours or $1,100 for a full day
Length: 6-10 shows per day, individual shows vary in length*
Group Size: 32 students per show plus 1-3 adults
Grades: PreK-12

Program Options

Changes in the Sky Grades: PreK-2

The Solar System Grades: 2-8

Zoom! From the Earth to the Edge of the Universe
Grades: 3-12

Life in the Universe Grades: 6-12

Seasons, Phases, and Eclipses Grades: 6-12

Recorded Programs

Two Small Pieces of Glass: The Amazing Telescopes Grades: 4-8

Back to the Moon for Good Grades 3-8

*to accommodate your schedule



Other Organizations

Other organizations may enjoy the wonder of the universe through an ExploraDome visit. The cost is $200/hour, minimum three hours.