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ExploraDome Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I see an ExploraDome show?
A. The ExploraDome Theater at the Bell Museum has a variety of shows available to the public. Show dates and times will always be posted online. Our ExploraDome Outreach program has a traveling dome which is primarily used for all-day visits reserved by schools or other community groups. Often at events hosted by community groups the ExploraDome will be open to the public.

Q. How much does the ExploraDome cost?
A. The cost to schools is $200/hour, minimum three hours, or $1,100 per day, plus travel expenses for destinations outside the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Q. Do you travel outside of the Twin Cities?
A. Yes. For travel requiring an overnight stay, priority is given to schools/groups reserving two or more consecutive days. This may be at the same school, within the same district, or with a neighboring district. Travel during the months of November-February is subject to approval.

Q. For what ages is the ExploraDome appropriate?
A. All ages, from Pre-K through adult.

Q. What programming is available?
A. Our programs and costs page  (PDF version) has show descriptions.

Q. Can we change the type of program for each group?
A. Yes.

Q. How many students/groups can visit the ExploraDome in one day?
A. You can schedule up to ten sessions within the day, with up to 32 people per session.

Q. How long are the ExploraDome presentations?
A. Your group can determine the length of the presentations, depending on what best fits your schedule. The recommended length is 30-45 minutes. You may schedule programs of different lengths within the same day.

Q. Can the ExploraDome stay at a school for an after school or evening event?
A. Yes. Any programming after the school day is an extra $200/hour and subject to staff availability.

Q. Can I schedule the ExploraDome for an evening or weekend event?
A. Yes. The rate is the same for evening and weekends; $200/hour, minimum three hours. Reservations must be made two weeks in advance.

Q. Who is responsible for setting up and taking down the dome, and giving the presentations?
A. A staff member gives the presentations and does most of the dome setup and take-down. We require three people to help unload the equipment upon arrival and packing upon departure.

Q. Where should we set up the dome?
A. The dome is 14 feet tall and 25 feet in diameter. State Fire Marshall regulations require a room of minimum dimensions 31' x 31' and a 14' ceiling free of any low-lying fixtures. Please measure the height of the ceiling if you think it might be close! If we arrive at your location and the minimum dimensions are not met, we will not be able to set up.  A gym, small gym, auditorium, or cafeteria is a good place for the dome. Please set it up in a quiet place, with no other activities in the same room.

Q. Can I set up the dome outside?
A. No. The dome and projection equipment are not weatherproof.

Q. How can I schedule the ExploraDome?
A. Please email or call (612) 626-9660 to schedule the ExploraDome.