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Help us start the one-year countdown to Pluto!

Saturday, July 12, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.,  
free with museum admission

The New Horizons spacecraft had been traveling for 8.5 years (whoa!) and is set to finally encounter Pluto in July 2015! We're kicking off the one-year countdown with a day of astronomy and Pluto-centric fun.

Activities will include:

• What will we learn about Pluto? Make your predictions about the scientific discoveries to come and draw what you think Pluto really looks like! We'll seal them for you to take home and open the following July.

• Audience Thoughts: How do scientists define a planet? What do you think about the current definition?  Eight years ago astronomers redefined what a planet is, and today people are still arguing about whether Pluto should have been left out or not. How do you feel about excluding Pluto from planethood? Come prepared to present your side as we stage a friendly exchange of ideas!

• Build-your-own Pluto art activity
...and more!

Join our Scavenger Hunt!

To prepare for our Countdown to Pluto event we're doing a Pluto scavenger hunt—Join in!

We've hidden a model of Pluto somewhere in the Twin Cities metro area. Your mission: find it and take a selfie, share it with us, and be entered to win a Bell Museum astronomy t-shirt! We'll share the first of three clues July 5 on facebook!



This Summer: Universe in the Park

Interested in exploring the Universe in the great outdoors?

Check out the Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics's Universe in the Park! Events are held in a variety of local parks and begin with a short presentation, followed by sky observing until 10 or 11 p.m. The presentation is held rain or shine, but sky observing may be cancelled due to poor weather. The events are FREE, but the park may require a vehicle permit for entry.

Get details on dates and locations online.